Sycamore & Oak

CHCTDC is proud to partner with the Emerson Collective and St. Elizabeth’s to present Sycamore & Oak. Sycamore & Oak is a space within Parcel 15 of St. Elizabeth’s, fueled by a community-led, community-serving incubator project created to address retail gaps in the Congress Heights community. The Interim Retail Village (IRV) – Incubate the 8 is a cohort program to support retailers at Sycamore & Oak. Cohort members receive retail space rental support, small business technical assistance, business insight coaching, and a latitude for increased customer collaboration. The following businesses – all owned by residents of Wards 7 and 8 – are all members of the IRV – Incubate the 8 cohort:

  • Black Bella
  • Congress Heights Arts & Cultural Center – SOUFSIDE CREATIVE
  • Chris Pyrate & Friends
  • LoveMore Brand
  • Paradyce Clothing Co.
  • Salon on the Ave.
  • The Museum
  • Fresh Food Factory 
  • Buna Talk
  • Tracey’s DC
  • Glizzys
  • Dionnes


“Building a better tomorrow starts today, with our community program shaping lives through empowerment, equipping individuals in inner city neighborhoods with the tools to carve out their own success stories.”