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As a dilapidated and vagrant used school building, the Old Congress Heights school stood vacant for nearly thirty years. The CDC collaborated with a partner developer to compete for the recently DCPS- surplussed property, coordinated “envelop” financing of $4 Million dollars, and ultimately used tax credit dollars to create state of the art elementary school that now houses Imaging Public Charter School. The next phase of the $25 Million dollar project will be a junior high school at the same site.

Real Estate Development-3200

Real Estate Development-3130

The Congress Heights Arts and Culture Center-3200 Martin Luther King Jr SE Washington DC 20032

Description Of Site: Congress Heights redeveloped this property (previously residential zoned C-2A) into a business incubator. 3200 Martin L. King, Jr. Avenue, SE, Washington DC will now be the new home of Congress Heights Arts & Cultural Center (CHACC).CHACC’s goal is to inspire, educate & expose the community, especially our youth, to arts, not only in our history but in our own community. The center hopes to be a catalyst to igniting passion, balance, health and happiness, beginning in Ward 8 and ultimately throughout DC.