Occupational Literacy

Are You Looking Start Or Change Careers?

Our Job readiness training is what gets clients a job. In our training, we assess the strengths and weaknesses of our clients to determine the direction we should moving going forward.

Our clients learn many beneficial techniques to include tips in interviewing, securing employment, job retention, and work attire. We also address issue like resume writing, work ethics, interpersonal skills,situational judgement and conflict resolution with co workers and supervisory personnel.

Job readiness training is the most important element of our job placement programs.

The training addresses the psychological and sociological factors that are critical in obtaining and retaining jobs. Clients receive job readiness instruction and participate in various exercises that are critical to getting a job and keep it.

Our training introduces or reintroduces our clients to the work environment and teaches them about the expectations of employers. They are educated on the competitive nature of the current job market and are provided with the necessary tools to survive in a changing economy. We give our clients the what they need to succeed.